Back to work

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So, I was cute all weekend. And I was going to blog it. I mean it. I was going to blog the whole weekend, just because.

I had a super cute outfit and all on Saturday and ready to go. I was going to take some pictures when I got home after running to have lunch with the wifey. Well, I ended up staying longer than expected. And then my daughter decided to hide from me in the store. And then I went for soft serve for all my wife's employees. And wouldn't you know it....TWO BIG GLOBS OF CHOCOLATE SOFT SERVE landed right on my pretty pink shirt. So....I couldn't show THAT to you guys.

Then YESTERDAY!! I think I had on three outfits. UGH! I wore something in the morning. Something to go run errands in. (Some of those errands consisted of trying on sun-dresses, maxi dresses, and shorts) And another outfit to the bbq that we went to at the falls. the time I got home from errand running - I was about tired of doing anything that had to do with clothes. And by the time we got home from the bbq, I was hot and sweaty and gross and was not picture worthy, either.

I did have good makeup and hair :) 

So, please accept my apologies.

And I have a post for you today. I had my first physical therapy appointment this morning for this arm that has been bugging me. I got an awesome massage and some ultrasound and some cortisone steroids.

Anyhoo.....Picture time for today. This outfit started as something completely different altogether. I had this veritcal striped shirt with reds, yellows, olives, and blues paired with some yellow capris; the pants didn't fit right. I put on a yellow skirt. The shirt was too loose and had no form. I belted it. BLECH! I found some amazing olive pants. The shirt just wasn't working for me. AT ALL! And it is a CUTE shirt. But it's about a size and a half too big. So, I found this shirt in my closet. I bought it back in February and have only worn it once. And this shirt with its olive and pink plain gave me the chance to wear these cute shoes that I usually only wear on the weekends (conicidentally, I had them on during the soft serve fiasco of the weekend).

Shirt : D-E-B
Pants : Chicos (MIL hand-me-down once again)
Shoes : Target (YEARS AGO)
Danglies : thrifted

I really don't like any of the pictures I took of the whole outfit today. I like the outfit itself...but not the picture. POOEY!!

Necklace : Gag gift from my bestie - I LOOOOVE cupcakes

5 people rocked my socks to “Back to work”

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh you look adorable!!! I have days like that where it seems like nothing works for me. But you look great! My only suggestion would be to try the belt higher up on your waist, not on your natural waist. I usually wear mine higher.

    And I usually take my outfit photos before I leave the house. If I don't, they don't happen. Maybe other people can take them later in the day, but not me! :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  1. Super cute shoe. I have days like that. I know what will make you feel better. Which is the Heat winning there game tonight.

  1. I love those days where I have to swap out all the items in an outfit until it doesn't resemble what I planned on wearing AT ALL. I'm not a good hanger-back-upper either so it usually ends up looking like a tornado swept through our closet. :)

    I'm with Melissa. I have to take outfit pics before I leave the house too. Too much happens in a day for me to look OK at the end of it. Haha!


  1. Emmy says:

    Those shoes are so cute!! Love them

  1. Rebecca says:

    That is a cute necklace. I think all the best people love cupcakes!