Casual Day

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UGH!!! Blogger being down yesterday SUCKED!!! is yesterday's post for you to enjoy.

We don't really have casual day at work, per se. But, I made Friday a casual day for me because I didn't feel great and I was only supposed to be working a half day anyway. So, I threw on a pair of jeans and a cute black and silvery blouse.

But I wanted a bit more color than that. So, I grabbed a purple button-up with a green tank underneath. I didn't like that look, either. I went though a NUMBER of clothes-tastrophes as we call them in my house. the end...I ended up with this look, and I have to say, I REALLY liked it.

I have no clue where any of these items came from - the shirt was a gift - the jeans are old - and the belt I  snagged from a  friend a couple years ago.

Did my hair back with a banana clip - remember those things?

You'll have to excuse the pics with no make-up on because I left my make-up in the car and didn't put it on until I got to work. Sorry. And..I did wear shoes to work. Cute little brown square toe short boots under my jeans. They will make another appearance, I am sure....

Writing and posting here and reading all of you guys' blogs has opened me up to trying new things that I never would have thought of. Thank you so much!! And thanks for all the comments you have been giving me. They are very encouraging and supportive.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Tell me you did not wear a banana clip. I'm going to pretend I didn't see that. ;)

    I love the belted shirt on you!!! SO stinkin' cute!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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