Come One - Come All

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Hi there! Welcome to my new venture into the blogging world. No, I am not new to blogging, per se. But I am new to this platform of blogging. I am not a fashion blogger. I am a Mommy. And a wife. And a former "fat-girl." But mostly...I am just me.

I have always thought myself to be very pretty. I love me very much. But one day I realized that there should be a lot LESS of me for me to love. I changed everything about the way I treated my body and I began losing weight. Now I am trying to match the picture on the outside to the picture I carry with me on the inside.

Come bear witness to the changes in me. Try not to judge too harshly because I am fragile. HAHAHA!! I am not really fragile...unless you catch me at JUST the right time.

But seriously, stop by and visit sometime. I hope that as time goes by we can encourage one another and perhaps become friends!!! I look forward to spending time with you and sharing my day to day clothing choices with you.

This used to be me. 

This is me now. 

4 people rocked my socks to “Come One - Come All”

  1. Melissa says:

    LOVE!!! YAY!!! I am SO glad that you finally took the plunge and joined the ranks of style bloggers. You're one of us now, whether you think so or not. :)


  1. Monique says:

    I am following :)

    Monique xx

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere...I found you from Melissa's site...and you look incredible..great job...I have recently dropped 27 pounds and hope to keep going..I am a new follower..come by my site and say hello...hopefully you will follow me as well!

  1. I found you from Melissa's site also! I just started a blog too, hopefully to someday join the ranks of all of you style bloggers. For now I'm a little shy, but working on it! Good luck with your blog!