Enjoying a laid back weekend

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Happy weekend, all!!  This is my first NON workday post. Welcome to my life.

This weekend my loverly wife let me sleep in and rest because I have been very tired and in a lot of pain in my arm. I slept until 8:30!!! YAY!!!! After that it has been go-go-go. Saturdays, we head to the Y for the munchkin to go to swimming, soccer, and t-ball lessons. Usually I go to the gym next door during that time...this morning I just did not have the energy and I am supposed to be resting my arm until I start physical therapy on Tuesday, so I opted for going to Target instead. I loooooove me some Target!

So...here's my weekend outfit.

Shirt : Izod
Shorts : MIL hand me down
Jewelery : Kohl's gift

Sorry for the lighting - looks blech

Check out the awesome striped shorts

3 people rocked my socks to “Enjoying a laid back weekend”

  1. I love Target too.


  1. Claire says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target too! In fact, I go shopping for groceries there just so I can make a detour into the clothing/shoes/accessories sections. Not to mention I love it because both my girls fit in the cart AND I can feed them $3 the macaroni and cheese kids meal.

    Great shorts. The stripes are great. And the jewelry is so lovely, especially that statement necklace!


  1. that stinks at least you got to see how cute you were :)