It's Friday, at long last!!!

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It's casual day again. I haven't felt like skirts and pantyhose the latter part of this week, I guess. OR....I haven't done laundry and have no clean'll never know, now will you? HA!

Anyhoo, I am liking what I pulled together today. This is a shirt that a friend of mine sent me last summer when I had just moved to central NY . She had been losing some weight, just as I have, but she started where I am at now. I got a whole big box of hand me downs from her that are really awesome. I have enjoyed pulling them out this spring and seeing how much better they fit than they did last year.

So...without further I am!! In all my glory. BWAHAHAHA

Studs are the wifeys - Danglies were a present from the wifey

green eyeshadow to compliment my green shirt

black and gold bangle - gift from my mom

My child's green clippy in my hair

Pants from Old Navy - Shirt is the aforementioned hand-me-down

These are actually my wifey's shoes.- they are made by Antonio Melani - They are about a size too big - but they really worked with the look I wanted. :)

1 people rocked my socks to “It's Friday, at long last!!!”

  1. I love hand me down. Cute outfit. I know you are happy that the HEAT won last night.