Sorry, all. But they played The Friday Song on my way to work this morning and now it's running through my head and irritating me. So....I share with you. And also...I turned on Rhapsody. I'v listened to Adele, Carrie Underwood, and now I'm jamming and working to Glee: The Music Vol 5.

Anyway - How is your day going? How was your week? Can you believe it is already Friday? The week was so busy that I just kind of ran through the week. I had work meetings and workshops and events every day that kept me out of the office and running around town. That probably helped.

Wednesday night I got to go to the gym and get in a GOOOD workout on my legs and abs. I hurt my arm a couple weeks ago, somehow, and so I can't really work it hard right now, which is kind of a bummer. Oh well. I am going back to the gym tonight, I think. And if not...I think I will work out with some Jillian Michaels. She is my TOTAL favorite! I love her workouts, even if she does try and kill me!!!

And now, for the outfit. Nothing too much going on here. Just a splash of red. :) It's still kinda gloomy out there what with the thunderstorms and clouds. But the temperatures are getting back in the 70s, at least.  I try and find the bright side wherever it is.

Bubble dress : Torrid - Pinstripe Pants : Dots

Dots - came with the dangly earrings

Garnet studs a gift from my Mom

Goes with the necklace and earrings


Side braid - I read they're coming back

My eyes are gray this morning

1 people rocked my socks to “It's Friday, Friday - Gotta get down on Friday”

  1. That song alway get's stuck in my head.