Monday, Monday

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Today started out rough. I didn't sleep well, nor did I sleep enough. BAH! And thus, a clothes-tastrophe ensued. It sucked. I must have put on ten different outfits and ten more variations of those outfits. My bed is a MESS that I must clean up before my wife gets home tonight and freaks out. She can support me during my clothes-tastrophe but she HATES to see the aftermath. I do too, personally. I think we should hire a maid that I could call in on mornings like this to just go to my room and hang up all the laundry that is strewn about my room. That would be GREAT!

But I digress....Here was the winning combo for today. Pants. BLECH! I do not enjoy wearing pants. I like skirts. And dresses. But that's ok. I like what I finally chose to wear.

This shirt is really a tank with a shiny neck and a bubble bottom - the pants are from Kohl's and are too big, but I love them - the cardi is a hand me down from my MIL

These shoes are from a thrift store in NYC - you may recognize them from here  - after Googling I discovered they are a simple Payless shoe - Predictions brand - that just makes me love them even more. 

These earrings actually BOTH belong to my daughter. But they are fun and just the right colors, so I am wearing them.

This silver necklace was my Mother's Day present last year from my then fiance and lovely daughter. It's one silver heart and one little heart of diamonds - a heart for each of my girls' hearts!

The watch belongs to my lovely wife. It needs a battery. I just like how it looks. 

Since my dear friend Melissa mocked my hair accoutrement from Friday, I found a rather NORMAL clippy to pull my hair back into on this ugly rainy chilly day. 

P.S. - Can someone please locate Spring and send him back this way? It is going to be in the 50s with rain and thunderstorms for the next 9 days here according to the Weather Channel. :(

3 people rocked my socks to “Monday, Monday”

  1. Super cute earrings.

  1. Taylor says:

    I at least try to mush my clothing mess into "organized" piles so that my husband doesn't get too upset, haha. I love those shoes! Super-cute.

  1. Melissa says:

    Ah-hahahaha! Mocked. I did mock a little. Oops. :) Sorry.

    I love that bright color on you! I'm not a huge fan of pants either but sometimes they just work.

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