Pretty in Pink

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Today it's sunny again!!! YAY!!! Oh, how I have missed the sun the last couple days. And, according to the weather channel, I will be missing it all next week, too!! Such a bummer. :( But I am super happy to see it out today.

I love what I have on today. This shirt is new. The pants and shoes are a couple years old. But the pants have not seen the light of day in QUITE some time because I was much too big to wear them for a while, but I couldn't bear to throw them away because they are so very very cute. I love the bow. I love the white and pink pinstripes. And I love the cuff on the bottom. I love everything about these pants. Except for the fact that they have no pockets. BOOO! But that's okay.

I hope you all have had a fair week. Mine has been busy with work meetings and such. Actually, I am headed out to a workshop called Financial Management and Planning for Non-profit Agencies for work. If that doesn't sound like fun...then you're probably right!! But there will be pastries!!! 

Pants from Dots - Shirt from the Devil Store

danglies from Dots

This bracelet is actually a choker necklace that I re-purposed

Necklace from Kohl's - one of my Xmas presents

headband from target

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. American Eagle from Payless. CHECK OUT the pink detailing

pinstripes on my pants - pink and white
UPDATE ---- Just as a fun sidenote : I am wearing lipstick on my eyes to match my shirt because I forgot my pink eyeshadow this morning. :) Check it out. I kind of like it! 

My face looks weird and long here - but this is the whole look
And here is the close-up

2 people rocked my socks to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. I love those pants! I want pink pinstripes! So jealous.
    The necklace as a bracelet is great too!

  1. Super cute. Your wearing my favorite color pink.