Uber Casuel

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Remember how yesterday I said I wanted to wear jeans. Well, I did it today. But only because I had to go to the doctor this morning and I am just REALLY not feeling work today. My poor wife is sick. My kiddo has the snotties and the whinies. And my arm hurts. *WHINE*

Even though I am dressed all casual like, I still did up my hair and makeup and jewelery. I can't come as a SLOB to work. That just simply would not do. I am not OVERLY comfortable in this jeans outfit at work, but I am committed to it for the rest of today. And I DID have fun with all the pink in my wardrobe today. Pink is a VERY  close 2nd favorite color behind yellow. Since it is supposed to be such a BEAUTIFUL day, then I decided to go with the pink. :)

Outfit particulars:
Danglies - So old I don't remember where they came from. I used to have a blue pair just like them, but I lost one and had to get rid of them. Does anyone else have that problem? Losing just ONE of a set of earrings?? It's so irritating!!
Necklace - Dots a VERY long time ago
Polo - Salvation Army, BABY!!! I usually don't find too many cute women's shirts, but I got two shirts that day.
Belt - One of those little kiosks in the mall. I have a yellow one and a black one just like it.
Jeans -  D.E.B.
Shoes - Christmas present from my loverly wife.
Socks - I absolutely LOVE toe socks. I have been wearing them since high school. These were a gift and I love the skull on them. My munchkin and wife both love skulls.

Now, if you are wondering about that lovely accessory on my arm. Well that is my new elbow tendon support pad thingie. I have to wear it for a while because I somehow hurt my elbow and this is supposed to help ease some of the pain. We shall see. It's ever so stylish, don't you know?

And again I wore my lip stain on my eyes to get the perfect matching look. I love this idea. And this stain works really well for that. I am in love with this lipstick. It seriously stays on all day after it gets set. The only thing that I have found that causes it to wear off is a super greasy food. But who needs to be eating super greasy foods, anyway?

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  1. cute outfit.

    I hope everyone feel better.