Crazy last couple days

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So, I didn't post the end of last week. It was not very noteworthy, but I will post now. Friday I had PT in the morning and then my work was going to be hosting a tent at the local festival that we would have to set up. was another casual day. Hair pulled back, minimal makeup, no jewelery. I am not big on polos, but my wife really liked this one, so we bought it one day while at the Devil Store and you are seeing the second time that I have ever worn it. The jeans are hand me downs, once again, not from the MIL, but from the awesome friend who sent me that big box of clothes last year. The shoes are Champion from some shoe store. And the hair accessories....belong to my daughter, just in case that wasn't obvious. HAHAH

Friday night I picked up the kiddo and we headed back down to the festival for her to check it out. And yes - that is TOTALLY a Fraggle Rock shirt and some YELLOW Converse, both which were purchased at Target on CLEARANCE!!! WOOOWOOO The Pink belt is old and the jeans came from D-E-B.

Saturday the munchkin had her sports Saturday morning at the Y and I got some along Mommy time with Target. I love being able to peruse Target, not necessarily buying anything...but definitely trying things on and adding things to my want list. (We're not spending money right now because we are saving for vacation to Padre in FIVE WEEKS!!) This was a remix of my first ever outfit post - just with some tight blue jeans and yellow sandals with heels instead of gray slacks!! I felt really skinny that day. Sorry for the shoddy quality , but that's what you get in a Target fitting room.

Sunday we did a BIG hike in a GORGEOUS little town and mountain. We went up to some waterfalls and then up the mountain to this pretty viewpoint that is actually a HANG GLIDING LAUNCH SITE!! I SOOOO want to do that. It was awesome! pics of my outfit that day. I was cute enough to start it...but by the end....WHOA!!! I was D-I-R-T-Y!!!!!

And TODAY : I am casual again. It's one of those WEEKS in the month where I feel heavy and fat and blah!! YOU know what I am talkin' about...So...I went casual and comfortable again. PLUS, I had PT again and didn't want to be lying around on a table wrinkling up a nice skirt and shirt, ya know? And...because I went casual...with no makeup to PT...of course I ran into someone in town and had an awkward no makeup wearing first thing Monday morning conversation with them...UGH!!! Absolutely mortifying. Oh well. I am over it now. I have my makeup and jewelery and hair done now. Hope you all have a happy Monday!! Pants are Old Navy, a few sizes too big. Danglies are from Dots. Shoes are from somewhere in VT, from my wedding weekend.

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  1. Sound like you had a good weekend.