Purple People Eater

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One-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people-eater....I used to get that song stuck in my head for DAYS when I was a kid. I loved it!!! And today...that is going through my head once again.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that my MIL took me and the munchkin shopping this weekend. As you may have been able to tell thus far, she has pretty good taste in clothes. We went a couple towns over and shopping in a few really nice shops. She got the kiddo, the wifey, and me some clothes for vacation next month. And I got some new work clothes out of the deal.

Today's skirt and shirt are one of the things that I got from a store called Coldwater Creek. The shirt is really an eggplant purple shell that matches the shoes really close, but it is so sheer that I had to put a cami underneath it. I first tried on the XL skirt, then had to go DOWN to the plain old L, which is absolutely completely amazing to me. The shoes are Aerosoles that she had given me a while back. They are actually a bit big, but I bough some heel inserts to try and help with that. I love that they a re purple and have worn them SOO many times since getting them. The bracelet is so old I have NO idea where it came from. The dangly earrings were bought in Vermont the weekend that my wife and I got married. And the necklace is my MIL's, I borrowed it for the day because I love the green in it!!

Ok, friends. I need help. I also got another skirt from the same store, but I am not sure what to wear it with. The skirt is actually a sheer layer on top of a white layer - it looks SO BEAUTIFUL and fun. But I am not quite sure what to pair it with. What do you think? What would you wear with it? Have you seen anything that I have already worn that would look good with it???

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  1. Your MIL sounds like a fun one to go shopping with! I like your new skirts. The funny thing about your second one is I just purchased one with kind of the same silhouette (fitted and then flared) and I am having a lot of trouble finding a top to go with it. So no advice here. :)


  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you for that. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Pppfffttt.

    You look great! I love the eggplant shades.

    Okay that skirt - you could wear a fitted black tee with some brightly colored sandals for a casual day, or wear it with any colored button-down shirt. Or a tank top and cardigan or blazer. So many possibilities! That is a fabulous skirt!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  1. I was going to say a black shirt to go with the new skirt. That was nice of your MIL to buy your new clothes.