Thursday, Never Looking back

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Good morning. I have PT this morning for my arm, yet again, so this will be short. I thought my appt was at 8, but its apparently at 9. That means I have time to post first thing. I know you are just giddy with excitement, aren't you?

Here you go!!! I feel all springy today with my floral and green and everything. I really love this skirt. Of course it came from my MIL. The top was a thrift find at Salvation Army, which just so happened to be taken there, most likely, by my boss. She told me this the first time I wore it. I was mortified. I am totally over it now because I really like the shirt and don't want to limit whether I wear it to work or not. The shoes with the cute little rosette detail are from Payless, most likely, but I don't remember EXACTLY. And the jewelery --- also the MIL's closet.

I don't know if you can tell, but I PROMISE that I am wearing makeup, but the BRIGHT light behind me kind of messes it all up. My normal picture taking spot at work is blocked by a HUGE table and so I had to move to another blank wall.

Have a great Thursday. Friday is almost here. And with Friday comes the weekend!!!


2 people rocked my socks to “Thursday, Never Looking back”

  1. Cute Skirt.

  1. Melissa says:

    I just noticed that Amy's avatar is the photo of me and her in Miami. That's funny. :)

    I LOVE that green shirt with that skirt! It's fabulous! You look great, I like this a lot. :)

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