back from vacation

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I am back. It was such a great vacation. We had fun in the sun. I got to see friends that I hadn't seen in ages. We ate great Mexican food and amazing barbecue. We took my nephews with us to the coast. They had a blast. And believe it or not, the kids were not the ones to get sunburned bad. The wife and I got some burn pretty bad on our shoulders, but it has faded. The munchkin got a bit tender on her shoulder blades, but we lotioned her real well and she was fine the next day. And my nephew got a bit tender through the middle of his back, but it didn't last longer than a day, either. I will post pictures of what I wore on vacation a little later.

Today's outfit has new jewelry from dots that I bought with a birthday coupon from my email!!! I got two new pairs of shoes while on vacation and am wearing one today and can't wait to wear the other pair sometime soon. The shirt is one you have seen before that was a hand-me-down from a friend. And the pants are OLD and probably from Dots, also!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! What I love is your shoes! In the InStyle magazine for August menswear inspired shoes are really hot. These shoes are perfect!