Matchy Matchy

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This morning I picked out my clothes and asked my very loverly wife to iron them for me while I did my hair. When she saw my clothes she asked me if that was what I was really wearing. And then she started laughing. I had no clue why. When I went back in the room she told me to look at what she was going to be wearing and asked me when we became that lesbian couple that was all matchy matchy. She had chosen to wear brown pants and a peach top just the same as I had. It was quite cute. And since no one will see us together, we kept our outfits as they were and just laughed at ourselves!!! Of course, she does not accessorize like I do and she wore work shoes instead of strappy sandals.

I feel bad because I have just not had a chance to make it around to all of your blogs lately. I have just been so busy with work and home. But that will change. I will get there. Today and tomorrow I will be visiting blogs and commenting. I have missed reading you guys and seeing what you are up to and pulling inspiration from what you are wearing.

Top : Chicos
Pants : Coldwater Creek
Shoes : Payless (SOOOOOOO long ago)
All jewelery : DOTS
Headband : Salvation Army

2 people rocked my socks to “Matchy Matchy”

  1. Cathey says:

    Ahh! Matching couples!! My mom and her husband do that occasionally, but they do it when they're together all day! I can't help but laugh! Especially at their matching bike outfits!
    Love your outfit! The peach shirt is really pretty with your skintone!

  1. cute outfit. Hubby and Me Like to match are clothes around the holidays.