White again

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This might be a white week! I am wearing white pants two days in a row. Not to worry, though...it's two DIFFERENT white pants, I promise. But today...instead of the black and white - I have paired the white with my two favorite colors : PINK AND YELLOW!!!

Everything I am wearing today is fairly new to me except for the headband.

Pants : Liz Claiborne - from MIL
Shoes : GoodWill in Dallas ($3.49!!!!)
Shirt : Tractor Supply (The wife bought it for me - it's a hoodie!!)
Watch and jeweley : Charming Charlie's (bday gift from my bff and her girls)
Headband : Devil-store

1 people rocked my socks to “White again”

  1. Melissa says:

    Those cropped pants look fabulous on you! I'm so jealous, I'm dying to fit back into my white pants or at least find some new ones. I love yellow on you!