Almost to the weekend

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WHEW! I am glad today is Thursday. I actually wore this outfit yesterday. I don't really remember what I wore on Tuesday and I can't seem to find a picture of don't know what happened. Perhaps I failed somewhere along the way!

Oh wait - I do know...I wore brown wedges with a shorter than normal jean skirt and a salmon colored top...and I absolutely forgot to take a picture because I was crazy busy all day!!! Sorry guys!!

Yesterday was a little slower but I feel like I failed to get any work done that I really needed to get done. Oh well. I got some things done and some is better than none, I think. In the very least, I got to wear a shirt that I bought QUITE some time ago and that I have not gotten to wear yet because I still had some size to lose before the buttons didn't pull apart across the booby area and the tummy area. And FINALLY...I got to that point and was able to wear the outfit!! This shirt is so cute. It it itty bitty tiny pinstriped purple and white. I love the little breast pockets. I love the cut of the shirt. Everything. Love Love Love! The pants, you can't really tell in the BRIGHT sunlight of the photo have tiny light colored pinstripes, also. And then the shoes have little light colored stitching. Overall I felt VERY pretty yesterday and also quite thin, even though I am SO far from thin. HA!

Shirt : Kohl's
Pants : Dots
Shoes : Thrifting in NYC
Bracelets : Dots
Flower earrings and necklace : Dots
Longer necklace : Devil store

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  1. I think you look very nice! Everything fits you so well - it's like a gift from your past self. :)


  1. love the pop of color in your outfit