Excuse Me, Miss

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I am looking rather plain today. I felt VERY pretty. And I got a few compliments on my attire. But the picture quality is HORRIBLE! The pants are this AWESOME brown color...it is a bit more red than blah brown. They are kind of satin-y feeling. And they have a WIDE cuff on the bottom. Totally AMAZING pants (they're from Dots, of course) The shirt I have worn before with a skirt (and this same belt, I believe). I really wanted to wear an olive colored shirt with these pants yesterday but that just did NOT work out like I wanted it to. It looked too dark for the beautiful days we have been having. 

Blouse : MIL
Belt : MIL
Pants : Dots
Shoes : thrifted in NYC
Jewelery : Kohl's - gift from Wifey

2 people rocked my socks to “Excuse Me, Miss”

  1. Melissa says:

    I'm glad you felt pretty, because you look pretty whether the quality sucks or not. :)

  1. Cute outfit. I so have to spot in Dots one of these days.