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Day 1 of no wife and 2 extra kids...WHEW!!! I DID make it through. This look was inspired by a different red cami that I found shoved in a closet. I had originally planned on wearing jeans and something because I was exhausted after only getting 3 hours of sleep. But I decided to throw on these very comfortable, lightweight, corduroy pants that I love so much and really doll myself up so that I could at LEAST pretend to be better slept and in a better mood. It worked a little because no one could really tell how messed up I was.

Shirt: Chico's
Pants: Old Navy
Bracelet: gift
Shoes: Thrifted in Dallas

2 people rocked my socks to “Fake-Out”

  1. Melissa says:

    Red is definitely a good color on you, lady! I really like your hair that way too. :)

  1. Red look so good on you and super cute shoe.