I'll be blue...without you

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So, my wifey is out of town for business meetings for the next two days. She will be back on Friday. Thus, my title. In the meantime, I have not only MY munchkin, but also two other munchkins belonging to a friend of hers until they both get back. So...the next couple day's posts might not be as WELL put together as you have grown accustomed to.

This outfit popped into my head as soon as I woke up. I originally did not plan for the sweater since it's the middle of August, but when I walked outside in the AM to let the dog out and the temps were in the 40s....I opted for adding it. And I am glad I did. I like the way it pulled together very much!!!

I threw in the yellow shoes just for fun. They didn't REALLY match anything, but I liked the pattern with the shirt pattern and I didn't want to wear black or white shoes. I don't own any navy or blue shoes (that is on my list) so....YELLOW it is (er....was)!!

Pants : MIL
Shirt : Agaci X a loooong time ago
Cardigan : Old Navy on clearnace
Shoes : Thrifting in Dallas
Necklace : Wifey's

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  1. Have fun with all the kiddo's. When you do go shopping for navy shoe be prepared to have fun because they are hard to find.