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So, this weekend was a wet one with Irene moving through and everything. Thankfully, by the time she made it to us she was simply a tropical storm. A STRONG one, with LOTS of rain and LOTS of wind....especially up in the hills where I live. So, the munchkin and I got to wear our rain boots when we went out and about yesterday. Check out the awesomeness that I was rocking yesterday. And yes, that is totally a bathroom sink I have my foot propped on. But I love those rain boots. They wifey got them from me from Tractor Supply. Where she works. Where I am taking the pictures at.

Hope you all fared well over the weekend!!!

Shirt : Kohl's
Jacket : gift from wifey
Jeans : there's no telling - they are old
Hat - gift from THEN girlfriend the first time I visited her in Ithaca
Necklace : gift from Sketybean Designs
Boots : Tractor Supply
Earrings : Coldwater Creek

3 people rocked my socks to “Irene”

  1. Cute boots. I'm glad you are safe.

  1. Tiffany says:

    I have the same rain boots, I absolutely adore the print so much that I bought a matching umbrella! Such a great way to stay stylish in less-than-fabulous weather

  1. Love love love the boots! I decided I have to get a pair of rain boots this year. No more splashing around in my regular boots. May even get smart and finally buy an umbrella.