Mix it up- a bit

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SO, I tried to take pictures outside because it was a BEAUTIFUL day the other day. But I totally forgot that the sun is so friggin' bright that I would be squinting and you wouldn't be able to see my beautiful face. Obviously, I need more practice.

Shirt : Coldwater Creek
Pants : MIL
Shoes : MIL (Aerosoles)
Jewelery : Dots

I am torn about  this photo - I love that my face is getting so thin - I hate that it is looking  SO OLD!! 

1 people rocked my socks to “Mix it up- a bit”

  1. Cathey says:

    Oh please, you don't look old!!
    And purple is a very pretty color on you! I'm jealous of your beautiful day. It's still over 100 here. 62 days and counting! woooo (Sense my enthusiasm??)