Two days behind

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WHEW! This has been a busy period of time at work. We had our re-accreditation on Monday from the America Association of Suicidolgy and were involved in meetings and interviews and conversations ALL DAY!!! I didn't get to post so I was lucky to be featured over at A Working Mom's Closet on her Proper Professional Monday.

But never fear..I did dress QUITE professionally on Monday. And not only that...but I worked my behind off. And sweat like an athlete because our air conditioner was not working properly. I work in an old OLD house that has been converted to a business. While I love it most days....when the air or heat is not working up to par I really dream of a high rise building that stays too cold in the summer.

So...on to the clothes. Everything you see here today has been worn at least once somewhere else since starting this blog. I originally wanted to wear a pink cami under my teal shirt - but I couldn't find the one I wanted and the pink tank that I had was too thick to wear under the shirt, so I just wore the dress and the shirt!!!

Also - I took my VERY FIRST picture outside. This is my back yard. It was a beautiful day out and I hadn't taken my pictures prior to getting to work, so I took them after work once we got home!

Dress : MIL - Chico's
Shirt : Chico's
Shoes : Payless
Jewelery : Dots

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  1. you look great and I love that color on you.