Brown and out

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Hahahaha I crack me up. I am feeling completely unmotivated today, so the phrase Down and Out came to mind. Then, since I was wearing brown this day, I titled my post as such!

I seriously love this sweater. It is so lightweight but still warm and fuzzy. I want to pear it with some thick brown tights and a corduroy jacket with some boots once fall gets here and wear it as a dress. We shall see once fall actually gets here. I wore this sweater because it was FORTY EIGHT freaking degrees in the morning when I was getting ready for work. THAT is chilly, ladies!!! I wanted to wear a certain pair of brown pants but I was not able to because SOMEHOW I seem to have lost them. Or maybe they ran away. I am not sure which. SO, I opted for these and they totally worked out well!

Sweater : JCPenney
Pants : Kohl's
Shoes : Payless (their first appearance on this blog.
Jewelery : Gift (Kohl's)

4 people rocked my socks to “Brown and out”

  1. Tiffany says:

    that sweater is great on your figure, it hits you in all the right places! Thank you for your awesome comment, it made my day :)

  1. That sweater look awesome on you.

  1. I can not wait until it's sweater weather here. So jealous. And I love the cowl design on your sweater. I have a few like that, they make a basic top just a little more fun.

  1. I'm excited for sweater and corduroy weather too. Our lows are in the 40s but the highs in the 80s. It makes getting ready for work kind of hard!

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