I've been waiting

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So, today I finally got to wear a shirt that I have been wanting and waiting to be able to wear for QUITE some time. Much like the purple shirt that I waited and waited to be able to wear. My top half is still a BIT big for the buttons to button properly, so I just threw on a pink cami underneath and added pink accents everywhere! To me, it looked completely intentional and like I had planned it that way!!!

You will have to, again, excuse the shoddy picture quality. I think I need a new phone. My camera is not working well anymore - the lens somehow fell off my phone case - and now my call button sticker has popped off. Poor phone. I have not even had it for two years yet. But I am definitely looking forward to getting something new. I used to get a new phone every year....I think I am doing pretty well for not having gotten one in almost TWO years.

Anyway -- I really liked this outfit - I just wish I had worn it with slimmer pants and NAVY or BURGUNDY shoes. But I can't wear it with those colored shoes because I don't have those colored shoes. Ahhhh to be able to shop again. In just three more weeks I should be able to shop again. We have not really gone clothes shopping since....February I don't think. My mother-in-law has taken me and gotten me some really nice things - but I am on the lookout for some VERY specific items and I have had such a long time to look that I think I have found several things online that I will be purchasing before the month is out.

Also - my little girl's birthday is coming up on Saturday. I can not believe she is already going to be six. *EEEK*

Shirt : Wife's
Cami : Bed Bath and Beyond (I know - weird, huh?)
Pants : MIL
Shoes : Vermont (they are my wedding shoes)
Jewelery : Dots

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