The one where I forgot my shoes

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So this morning I planned my whole outfit around my newest pair of yellow shoes. You may remember me picking them up on my vacation this summer? I decided to wear neutrals and just throw on lots of yellow accessories. YAY for yellow!!! It's supposed to be a whopping sunny 79 degrees today and then the rest of the week it is supposed to be raining and chilly! So, I do't foresee a lot of yellow in my near future.But the point you SEE the shoes on my feet? Are they yellow? NO!!!!! I totally lost my head this morning and went out of the house in my pantyhose. I was thinking for some reason that my shoes were in the car, even though I had seen them first thing this morning when getting ready!! So, I happened to have these shoes in my car and THIS is what I went with, instead.

I DO, however, see a lot of PINK in my near future. Specifically, the WHOLE month of October. My dear friend, Melissa, is hosting Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness and has challenged those participating to wear SOMETHING pink for every day of the month of October. I LOVE pink. Almost as much as I love yellow. In fact, pink and yellow are one of my OTHER favorite color combinations. I have decided to join her and challenge myself to wear pink in October. That means EVEN on my off days. I have lots and lots of pink so I am hoping this works out well. gives me a good reason to go thrifting!!!! (I have been on a spending hiatus, remember...that ban is lifted on Friday!!!!!!!) You should head on over and read all about the BBCA challenge. And while you're there, tell her I said hi!!

Shirt : Sears
Jewelery : gift from wifey
Belt : snagged from a friend
Headband : Devil store

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  1. Cute Outfit. I already sign of for the BBCA. I did it last year and had tons of fun. Plus I post something everyday that had to do with breast cancer.