Picture Day

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So it's totally picture day in my house. Of course, it's always picture day for me. But it's School picture day for the kiddo. Check out what she wore. I feel like she really outshone (is that a word?) me today.

Thank goodness today is FINALLY Friday. My wife was sick last night and this morning. My MIL has been sick for three days. I was sick last week. I am just thankful that, thus far, (*knock on wood*) the munchkin has stayed well. Tomorrow I have a busy busy day planned of staying home and hanging out doing loads and loads of laundry. Which, in case you wanted to know, is my LEAST favorite chore. But, unless I want to run out of things to wear (and we are getting perilously close to that) I am going to have to just buckle down and do it. There are probably 4 loads of laundry right now waiting to be hung up and put away. *EEK*

Thankfully, pantyhose don't have to be ironed. And this sweater was in storage, but I pulled it out last week when I saw that it was going to be getting chilly this week and next. (The high today is 63. The high tomorrow is 46.) I bought it last year as an option to wear for Valentine's Day dinner with my loverly wife. I ended up going with a different, darker, purple sweater and I don't know that this one has ever been worn since. And this skirt is one of my may black skirts...and they get more than one wear out of them.

And also...everyone of my jewelry pieces was bought by my wonderful wife to commemorate a special day or event. I have my engagement and wedding ring, the necklace I got for Mother's Day from her and my munchkin before we moved up here to NY, the earrings she bought me on our first date, and the earrings she bought me the weekend we got married. *SIGH*

Sweater : JC Penney (it's actually a really pretty purple, not blue)
Belt : MIL
Shoes : Payless
Jewelry : Virginia (first date), Vermont (wedding earrings), New York (mother's day) , Texas (James Avery wedding ring), ??? (engagement ring)


2 people rocked my socks to “Picture Day”

  1. I loved reading your "about me"! Very lovely! And I hope everyone at your house feels better soon, Charisse! :)

  1. Cute sweater. I hope your family feel better soon. It hit the 40's today. I about dyed. Then some one told me the seen snow flake. I told them it better not start snowing. I not ready for that yet.