rain rain rain

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As if you can't tell....it's rainy. It's supposed to rain until Monday. That's a lot of rain for a waterlogged area. I am just saying. So...as you can tell I wore my cute little rain boots to work. I DID change into my proper dress shoes...but not before I took my picture. Sorry. :) And I ended up pulling my hair up and back all librarian style yesterday because it was just too humid and making my hair look HORRIBLE!!!

So, how are you all doing? Any better luck in the weather department?

And don't forget to head over to A Working Mom's Closet and read all about how we are wearing pink next month for Blogging for Breast Cancer Awearness.

Shirt : Chicos
Shell : Coldwater Creek
Pants : MIL
Rain Boots : Tractor Supply
Heels : Thrifted
Jewelery : Dots

2 people rocked my socks to “rain rain rain”

  1. CHULALA says:

    nice photos and
    great blog i must admit..
    Bdw check awt my blog and
    lets follow each other would
    love to interview u in my blog n more thnx in advance Chuchu-

  1. Cathey says:

    Feel free to send some rain to Dallas. We need like 20 inches to get out of our drought. And it's 99 degrees here today. Wooooooo

    I like pink on you - it's a very pretty color with your skin/hair!