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Ok, so wow...I have not posted in forever. My job is getting more demanding of my time and I may have to resort to posting when I am actually AT HOME!!! *EEEEK*

I do, however, promise that I have been getting dressed and getting to work. And I have been taking pictures, too. I just have not been posting. In this post I will catch up. You will get a week all at once. I have to say I really like a LOT of the outfits from last week and can not believe I did not post. But that's ok. I promise I will be better this week. And to prove it I have already taken today's picture and will schedule the post for tomorrow morning so that it is there before I get here. Deal? Deal!

Welcome to my living room - this is the first photo ever in here to be used on my blog!  

Also, my little munchkin started school last week and that had us busy. She only got to go to one day because the second day was cancelled due to a state of emergency in our county from flooding. But - she was still STYLING when she DID get to go. She got some new Polo Association muck boots and wore those the first day of school. Today she's rocking some denim Chucks. LOOOOOVE this kid and her style. 

And by the way....have you seen my new glasses? I got two pair...and they rock!!!


1 people rocked my socks to “SLACKER!”

  1. Cute outfits. I love you black glasses. I'm going to be getting some new ones soon.