BBCA Day 1-4

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Good morning, fellow bloggers. How are you all doing? I hope you had a good first week of fall and a great first weekend of October.

This weekend and the beginning of the week have been laid back but a bit stressful in my house. I was sick last week. My wife woke up with a 101 degree fever Monday morning and tried going in to work only to come home a couple hours in to the day. Saturday and Sunday I spent cleaning and doing laundry and dealing with my MIL and our  terminally ill dog. And then Monday, as I was getting ready for work, my wife called me and told me she got into an accident on the way to work and totaled her truck and that I needed to come get her. Thankfully, she is fine and hardly sore at all, but her truck is a goner and now we are looking to buy a new one this weekend. *EEK* Oh, and today....Sinus Drainage City is being built inside my naval cavities.

BUT.....this is the very first post for Blogging for Breast Cancer "Awearness" that I am doing. All month long I will be wearing pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. My great grandmother lost her right breast to breast cancer before I was born. Cancer is a mean and horrible multi-headed beast and the more awareness we can bring to this fact, the better. And not only do women need to be made aware, but did you know that, according to the American Cancer Association, approximately 1% of the breast cancer diagnosed this year will be men. That means approximately 400 men will die this year from breast cancer. So, ladies, as you participate in this challenge, or read my thoughts this month, or just make your way through this month, speak up for Breast Cancer. Encourage your friends to get checked according to the guidelines for their age and family history. Remind yourself and your friends to do home checks in the shower. One minute every so often is really not a sacrifice when it could mean saving your or a loved one's life!!!

Click on the button below to head over to A Working Mom's Closet and check out who else is participating in BBCA!!!

Saturday : Day 1 : I stayed in jammies all day but they had pink in them :) 
Sunday : Day 2 : Stayed in jammies all day - watching football and reading - but THEY had pink in them 

Monday : Day 3 : I got dressed for work and instead, went and picked up my wife and dealt with insurance, cleaning out her car, getting a rental, and looking for a new vehicle. But I TOTALLY sported the pink. You don't get to see my face because there is no makeup, a bad ponytail, and splotchy face from being an emotional wreck yesterday. 
     Sweater : Kohl's
     Pants : Gap
     Shoes : Payless (not pictured, but I promise I wore them) 
TODAY : Day 4 I am a bit puffy eyed from sinuses but I like what I am wearing today. It took me a while to pull it together. I had an idea of WHAT I wanted to wear, just not sure how it would all come together. I would really feel better if I had a big wide cream belt or something, but mine is missing, so I am beltless. Otherwise...I kind of like this look. Also...I totally and completely forgot the black cardi I was planning on wearing. *sad face*
    Tank : Chico's
    Skirt : Target 
    Jeggings : Coldwater Creek
    Boots : Payless
    Jewelry : Dots
    I <3 Boobies bracelet : gift from my bff
    Soks : Under my boots - Target 


3 people rocked my socks to “BBCA Day 1-4”

  1. How cute are those socks??? I love the toes and the skull, and the pink colour blocked sweater is awesome! I don't have that much pink so I'll be participating on friday!

  1. So glad to hear you wife is ok. That had to be scary. I love your dress.

  1. Sarah says:

    Glad to hear your wife is ok, how scary though. You look great, fabulous outfit!

    Dont forget to enter my $50 La Posh Style giveaway!