BBCA Day 12

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Yes, I am behind in posting. Yes, I am very sorry. No, I do not know if I will catch up before the month is out. BUT!!! I have a perfectly good reason to be behind. I started classes on Monday. Online school and it is taking a bit of my time. Time that I usually spend perusing your blogs and commenting. And time reserved for writing on my own blogs. As soon as I get this time management thing figured out, I will be back to regular posting. On time. I hope. Just stick around and we will get through this together, mmkay?

So, today's pictures look a little different. I couldn't get a whole picture of me. I am sorry. But hopefully you can piece together exactly how AWESOME this pink and olive looked together.

Cardigan : Thrifted - Eddie Bauer
Cami : Bed Bath & Beyond
Jeans : Delia's (SSOOOOOOO OLD)
Shoes : Thrifted - Dexter's
Bracelet : Dot's
Earrings : gift
Necklace : MIL

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