BBCA Day 13

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My dear friend, Melissa, has taken a much deserved and needed break from her blog. This does not mean that I will discontinue participation in her challenge. Breast Cancer is a dragon that needs to be slayed. The only way to do that is get the word out. Women need to know that it is a very serious issue and should not be taken lightly. Men need to be made aware that they are not exempt from this disease. Won't you help me spread the word? Wear pink this month and let their voices be heard!!!

Shirt : Sears
Scarf : Thrifted
Slacks : Kohl's
Bracelet : Gift - Charming Charlie's
Jewelery : Dots
Shoes : Thrifted - BRAND NEW black cherry Hushpuppies

1 people rocked my socks to “BBCA Day 13”

  1. PAPS says:

    I just love the earrings. They are so cute. Stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping. Do you like to follow each other? Let me know and I will follow you right back.