BBCA Day 5

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Sorry for posting so late today, but I didn't get in to work until after 11. I took my wife to the ER last night and it turns out she has a concussion. My poor baby. But the doctor gave her a work release note and gave her a wonderful cocktail of medicines to help her feel better and get some rest.

So, I am wearing pink every day this month to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. My titles will all be BBCA Day # and it stands for Blogging for Breast Cancer "AWEARNESS." It was an idea thunk up by a good friend of mine over at A Working Mom's Closet. Click the banner above and head on over to see who else is wearing pink!!!

My pink is a little in my necklace and then my scarf. The idea is not to make your OUTFIT center around pink, but to have SOME pink SOMEwhere and TALK about it!!! Or blog about it. Or both!!!

Skirt : MIL
Tank :  MIL
Jacket : Chico's
Scarf : MIL
Shoes : Payless

2 people rocked my socks to “BBCA Day 5”

  1. Cute Outfit. love the scarf.

  1. Concussion?! I hope she gets better soon. Yikes.

    I want to wear pink this month and I truly thought I had some in my closet! Seeing your scarf gives me an idea though, I *think* one of the Missoni for Target scarves I bought has pink in it. Yay!