BBCA - Missed days

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Are you aware that it's October and Breast Cancer Awareness month? Did you know that breast cancer will claim some 400K women's lives this year. And approximately 4,000 men? These are staggering numbers!!! I have several friends participating in different breast cancer awareness walks and runs over the next month and I am supporting them in every way that I can! I hope you find a way to support the cause this month that works for you. Melissa, over at A Working Mom's Closet started up this movement last year. She has challenged herself, and thereby us, to wear pink every day in the month of October and is calling it Blogging for Breast Cancer A-WEAR-ness. I accept this challenge and have work pink every day so far. Click the banner above and head on over and see who else is wearing pink this month.

Whoa! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Last week was a crazy week, as I mentioned before.

Below are the outfits for Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday. Sunday I just wore layered pink tank tops, some jean shorts, a pink NY Yankees hat, and sneakers. It was not really picture worthy. I spent the day making cupcakes and then took them to work to my wifey for her birthday.

Pink in my shirt and tank and glasses and I <3 boobies bracelet

I had my munchkin with me at work on Friday and she took my awesome pictures for me. 

Pink in my I <3 boobies bracelet, earrings, glasses, and bird/heart cutout

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