BBCA - Out of my comfort zone

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Hey, all! It's day 10 of Blogging for Breast Cancer A-wear-ness. I am on day 10 of wearing pink, and believe it or not, today is the first day that pink is one of the MAIN items in my outfit. Every other day it has been an accessory or a small part, but not THE main attraction as it is today. Click on the link above and see who else is wearing pink.

So....I had this crazy idea this morning and tweeted about it saying that I was crawling way out on my own fashion limb today if I could get my idea to work for me. And guess DID!!!! So, without further I am. Out on a limb.

Blouse : MIL
Jewelery : MIL
Bracelet : gift - Charming Charlie's
Shoes : wedding shoes - purchased in Vermont

Looking at it, it may not look like much. I don't even seem to be that daring, do I? Who cares about a pink skirt, right? But guess what....I don't own a pink skirt. What I DO own is a pink shawl. You the one I posted in the pictures in my last post. In fact...not LIKE the one I posted on Friday...the EXACT one I posted on Friday. My actually A SHAWL or a SCARF!!!!! Can you believe it?? I love it!!!

3 people rocked my socks to “BBCA - Out of my comfort zone”

  1. Cathey says:

    That's awesome! How are you wearing it??

  1. That's is super cool. What a great idea.

  1. emilie says:

    LOVE those shoes! My "go with everything" black heels are getting too worn so I'm on the lookout for some new ones. Love the black cherry colour idea.