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So, I haven't posted in a while. I think I mentioned that I had gained some weight. Well, I finally got on the scale and I have gained back almost HALF of what I worked sooo hard to lose several years ago. So, last week Wifey and I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and begin keeping track of what we ate. I am SHOCKED at how much I am pretty sure we were eating. WHOA!!! And we have been to the gym a couple times. And in the last week and a half (since I got on that wretched scale at Bed Bath and Beyond just to see what it said), I have lost five pounds.

So, this blog is going to serve two purposes. I am going to use it to chronicle the lovely clothes I am lucky enough to get to wear AND I am going to use it to help keep me accountable on this weight loss journey. I have friends that are doing it with me. I have Wifey who is working to get healthier right along side of me. And I have my own fierce determination. I know that I lost 50 pounds 3-4 years ago and I am POSITIVE that  I can do it again. I WILL do it again.

Here I am in today's outfit.I got this dress on Mother's Day and have been waiting for it to be both warm enough and dry enough to wear it. I don't usually wear long dresses because I am darn short, but this one is JUST the perfect length and the material feels good and I love it!!!

Dress: Chico's
Necklace and Earrings: Chico's
Bracelet: Dots
Shoes: Payless

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  1. Cute dress. Since moving to Germany I have almost gain my 26 pounds I lost last year back. So last week I started doing zumba with a friend. So far I have lost maybe 2 pounds. I have a total of 6 to loss to be back at my goal weight.

    Good luck I know how hard it is.

    Also welcome back